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Language Tip Sheets

Did you know that
    •    someone from Afghanistan is likely to speak one of three languages?
    •    Pushto is the same language as Pashto?
    •    Chinese Hakka isn’t the same language as Chin Haka?
    •    Accredited Arabic interpreters will have no difficulty coping with the main varieties of Arabic spoken in Australia – from Egypt,Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. But Sudanese Arabic is very different.


Language Tip Sheets

Our Language Tip Sheets give you peace of mind that you’ve requested the most suitable language interpreter for your client. They offer clarity on our most commonly requested languages:


Afghan Languages


Burmese and the Chin languages

East African Languages

Sudanese Arabic and Arabic


Save time and your resources

We’ve created these easy-to-reference Language Tip Sheets to assist your team when they book an interpreter. Don’t miss out on receiving new Language Tip Sheets – check back regularly for more or sign up today to have them emailed to you directly.

Contact our Translation Project Managers or Interpreter Booking team for clarification on all other languages or view 100+ Languages to discover where languages are spoken.

All Graduates Language Tip Sheet BurmeseChin2013          All Graduates Language Tip Sheet SudaneseArabic2013              All Graduates LanguageTip Sheet Chinese 2013          All Graduates Language Tip Sheet AfghanLanguages


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