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Break through language barriers, enable successful communication, and engage directly with your stakeholders. Our qualified and experienced NAATI-Certified interpreters offer accurate results, in real-time.

Interpreter Services

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting services are available for those clients who require convenient interpreter assistance that integrates with their existing telephony solution.


<small>AUSTRALIA WIDE</small>
Language services via telephone offer several benefits to your organisation:
  • All calls are managed by human operators (not automated telephony menus)
  • Our telephone staff understand your requirements
  • We can offer personalised responses
  • Our systems can handle both client-originating and user-originating calls
  • We can service your needs 24/7 including public holidays
  • We can integrate with your existing processes
  • We offer a rapid and easy onboarding/commencement process
  • Usage reports are available

… and many more options.


Enhance your existing telephone services.

Enable onsite multilingual communication via teleconference and
resolve language barriers in ongoing stakeholder interactions.



Telephone Services include:
  • Urgent / Emergency interpreting
  • On-demand service integration
  • Pre-booked telephone interpreting
  • The ability to reserve a specific telephone interpreter
  • Teleconference interpreter plug-in
  • Multilingual IVR with pre-recorded multilingual

For enquiries about our Telephone Interpreting Services:

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Onsite Interpreting

Onsite Interpreting services are available for clients in search of interpreters who can personally attend appointments. This is most useful when the help of a telephone interpreter is not suitable, for example when there is material of a sensitive or personal nature.

Communication Accuracy with absolute clarity.

We service both the public and private sectors including:
  • Health & Welfare
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Business
  • Community Services
  • Not-for-profits
  • Many more…


All of our onsite interpreters are
NAATI certified or accredited or suitably qualified
professionals who can meet (and exceed) your needs.



Our staff includes specialised interpreters for areas such as commerce and trade, law and policing,
engineering and design, allied health, and many other professional areas.

Onsite services include:
  • Individual Assignments: one-on-one appointments
  • Group Assignments: One interpreter for a group session
  • Cross-talk Assignments: Multiple interpreters for a one-on-one or group session
  • Sessional Assignments: Onsite interpreting provided to a pre-arranged ongoing schedule


We can work with you to design client-specific needs,
database integrations,and work closely with all parties to address any concerns,
ensuring that your language service needs are fully met.


Suitable for:
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Medical appointments between Health Professional and Patient
  • Welfare related interviews (e.g. Centrelink and Medicare)
  • Legal Interpreting (e.g. Lawyer/Client Interviews, Courts, Tribunals, Policing and Correctional Services) 
  • Community Services
  • Business Meetings
  • Delegations
  • Product import/export negotiations
  • Business transactions
  • Individual / Group interviews

For enquiries about our Onsite Interpreting Services:

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Video Interpreting

Offering convenient, market standard video teleconference solutions which comprehensively solve the dilemma when face-to-face communication is crucial. Time scheduling, distances and travel expenses are no longer an impediment.

Face-to-Face. Anywhere. Anytime.


Connect rural and regional areas with interpreters, or communicate directly and personally with your overseas offices.

Our video interpreting solution offers several distinct advantages, including:
  • High quality audio and video
  • Safe and secure connections (point-to-point encryption)
  • App and web-based solution
  • Mobile phone and tablet compatible
  • Pre-booked and On demand
  • Technical support during setup and for all troubleshooting
  • Online bookings


Our professional video interpreters are experienced and
NAATI certified or accredited or suitable qualified,to effectively provide
remote assistance for your interpreting needs.



Video Interpreting is the ideal solution for connecting people separated by geography, while achieving the same degree of nuanced
and non-verbal personal interaction offered by face-to-face communications:

  • Connecting Schools (Government/Private/Independent/Catholic) to international students and their families
  • Delivering social service solutions to remote and rural communities
  • Enabling import/export dispute resolutions
  • Allowing expert testimony across borders
  • Connecting medical professionals for treatment design solutions


As opposed to general video interpreting, Telehealth is designed exclusively for connecting patients and treating physicians/medical professionals.

Click here to find out more about our recently published Case Study with Melbourne Health.

Medically focused video interpreting.

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